Hall St. Merchants

Hall St. Merchants is a small business based out of Atlanta, GA.  We are a couple of friends who decided we wanted to take our passion for finding unique items with tremendous value, and switch to delivering those same products.  Still small and only with an online presence, we are hoping to expand as we connect with our supporters and really understand what people are having hard times finding.  Our initial step into the gear/accessories/clothing arena has begun with two watch rolls.  Among other things, we enjoy the different styles of all the watches out there and realized we didn't have a great way to travel with some.  Having trouble finding something we liked, we decided to change that and make them available for everyone.  We put together both a stylish leather and more rugged canvas watch roll.  This is the path we envision will lead to other items, all focused on high value.  We also share a passion for travel, exploration, the outdoors, good food, different cultures, well built products, and delivering value.  We look forward to the road ahead and appreciate all of the support both here and with our social media presence! Let us know what we can do to provide excellent value and hope you enjoy our products!